Some of the posts I read were very personal in a way that’s less common now, in general. I clearly remember that there used to be a feeling that if you wrote something online then “normal people” wouldn’t see it. What normal person would read the random thoughts of strangers on the internet?! Only people-like-you would read what you wrote on the web. It wasn’t secret but not public either – it was a kind of private, as Danny O’Brien described in 2003. I think this is less true today. Even “personal” websites (like mine) often have an awareness about them, about what’s being shared, the impression it gives to strangers, presenting a public face, maybe a feeling of, “I’m just writing personal nonsense but, why, yes, I am available for hire”.


But, although times and people are different, there are still lots of personal blogs. I love reading them. Anyone who thinks blogging died at some point in the past twenty years presumably just lost interest themselves, because there have always been plenty of blogs to read. Some slow down, some die, new ones appear. It’s as easy as it’s ever been to write and read blogs.


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